Shred Excess Pounds With Cucumber Diet – Lose Up To 3Kg In 7 Days

This diet is special because you will only eat cucumbers.

It is wonderful for those people who adore cucumbers. It is also beneficial because cucumbers are great for your health. Just eat cucumber when you feel hungry and it will help you to lose weight. It is a versatile product as you can use it on face masks, and it also cleans your stomach.

Eat salad for breakfast: Add 200 grams of cucumbers to yogurt. For a snack you should eat fruit: You can eat 2 peaches or an apple. For lunch you can eat a big plate of cucumber salad and a piece of dried bread. For dinner: only eat fruit.

You can also try to make a cucumber cocktail: just liquidise cucumber and apple and add some spinach.

This is a simple diet that will help you, taste it!


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